A fascinating insight into prison life
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- 9:30am to 4:30pm
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"Absolutely fascinating I’m amazed at the ingenious prisoners concealing contraband and making weapons – crikey."

Andrew, Bristol
"This museum is superb... its crazy how smart prisoners actually were. It gave me an insight on how much prisons have changed over the years."

Zoe - Plymouth
"My Grandad was a prison officer here and this has been a most fascinating tour. Many thanks to the helpful museum curator."

Mrs Pain – Lincs
"Wow utterly amazing. I loved every bit of it, can't wait to come back."

Merryn – Falmouth
"Gosh, wouldn’t want to end up here!"

Karen – Nairobi - Kenya
"We live locally in Plymouth and though we would visit the Museum today. There is a great deal we have learnt about the prison. A brilliant local resource and excellent presentation."

Stuart – Plymouth
"Amazing to be able to see the way people lived only half a century ago. Unbelievable how times change so quickly."

Natalie – Carshalton
"Fascinating exhibition and I am grateful to the staff for telling me about conditions of the conscientious objectors in the First World War."

Cheryl - Dorset
"Reading about the 'A-Frame' sent shivers down my spine. The museum has a wonderful collection and provides a very real sense of what prison like was like."

Harriet – Brighton
"An eye opener. So glad I have never had to go to prison. Puts you off doing wrong things."

Cameron - Edinburgh
"Danke für Diere interessante ausstellung!"

Monika – Germany
"Interesting and poignant. What brutal places prisons were and some were not even criminals, but prisoners of war and others conscientious objects!"

Mitchell – Devon.
"A remarkable museum, interesting to see the changes over the years and the way of like of the prisoners over the generations"

Denise - Norfolk.
"Es War sehr interessant aber auch traurig wie die menschen sind."

Isabella – Germany
"Macabre entertainment, informative, fascinating, horrifying and just plain awesome. Must keep this place going! Well done to all the volunteers."

Ian- Worcestershire
"A real eye opener as to what prisoners had to go through years ago they really were punished."

Daphne – Cornwall
"Fantastic exhibits, great for the children and very informative."

The Neves – East Sussex
"I loved finding the answers to the quiz questions and learning lots more about prison life!"

Sophie - Merthyr Tydfil
"Awesome and interesting"

Mark - South Africa