A fascinating insight into prison life
Opening Times:
Monday to Thursday
- 9:30 to 4:30pm
- 9:30 to 4:00pm
Museum will be closed to the public from
- 1st January 2021 and is planned to reopen when lockdown is lifted


Museum Reopening 2021
Museum Reopening 2021
On 22nd February the Governement published their roadmap for the easing of restrictions caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. It was hoped that Museums would be considered alongside Libraries and other public buildings and fall into the category of places re-opening at the earliest on 12th April. Unfortunately the Government has classed Museums as indoor entertainment akin to bowling alleys and children's play areas and as such will not open until 17th May at the earliest. This decision is being challenged by professionals within the cultural sector and any changes to the 17th May date will be notified here.
Please remember that you can still contact the Museum by phone or email at HMPDartmoormuseum@justice.gov.uk