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Governor Terry Witton - Governor HMP Dartmoor

Welcome to the Dartmoor
Prison Museum Website

“Dartmoor Prison has a long and fascinating history that has seen many changes in its fortunes. But it is also at the cutting edge of modern penal practice, developing ways to help offenders change their lives and to protect the public.

HMP Dartmoor is part of one of the world's most successful and respected prison systems. I think it will surprise you and I hope you will take the opportunity to find out more about this hidden but uniquely interesting world, and to think hard about the serious issues of crime, punishment and rehabilitation."

Terry Witton
 - Governor, HMP Dartmoor

Unique Insight into Prison Life

aerial view of dartmoor prisonUnlocking the history of one of England's most famous prisons, Dartmoor Prison Museum reflects the heritage of HMP Dartmoor from Prisoner of War Depot to the present day. The interesting collection of artefacts provides a unique insight into prison life both past and present.

Of interest to all ages and groups, Dartmoor Prison Museum is located in the old dairy buildings with parking available. Coaches welcome by appointment.

For all prisoner enquiries please call the main switchboard on 01822 322000

prison weapons Memorabilia
View a collection ranging from items illegally made by prisoners in our ‘Black Museum’ to a representation of the Quarry.
manacles Manacles & Weapons
Restraints from ancient and modern times. Weapons issued to Officers, and those discovered in prisoners cells.
famous prisoners Famous Prisoners
Learn all about notorious past residents of Dartmoor Prison including Frank Mitchell and John George Haigh.
prison insignia Insignia & Uniforms
Ranging from an original convict ‘arrow’ suit of the 1850s to clothing and medals up to the present day.
dartmoor prison today The Prison Today
Dartmoor today no longer holds high-risk prisoners but concentrates rather on education and rehabilitation within a modernised facility.
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